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Friday, December 17, 2010

Article Marketing Robot - The Comprehensive Review

During this time, I tried various different tools, until I hit on article marketing robot. And boy am I glad I found this fantastic tool.

Okay, let's get down to brass tacks.

The first question most people ask is" how many sites does it submit to" well, in the case of article marketing robot, that's 1500+. That's a lot of sites. It also includes its own spinning tool and has several other features which market out as completely alone and ahead of the rest of the market.

As a complete solution for article marketing, it tries its best to fulfil every need you may have. So let's have a closer look at article marketing robot.

When you first fire up article marketing robot, there are four windows at the top of the page. These tell you where you are as far as your author accounts, and which articles are either sent or pending. There is also an array of buttons to allow you to select which sites to send to based on just about every option you could think of. The most useful of which is the page rank of the site.

The first thing you probably need to do is create an author account. You will need an unique e-mail address, and have simple details about it to hand such as the mail server and the POP3 port. Default is that these are filled in for you, which will cover the vast majority of e-mail addresses.

You then select the sites you wish to sign up for, I highly recommend to simply selecting all. At that point press the signup button at the bottom of article marketing is, and off it goes. It's multi-threads its way to all 1500+ articles sites and joins up using the e-mail address you provided. Many of the sites use spam checking captcha systems that need to be filled in upon application. However, article marketing the comes with a captcha solving plug-in, which means it is possible to sign up to all of the sites on autopilot.

Had my first attempt, I had a success rate of about 80%, signing up to 1170 out of the 1500 sites available. I made it my first task to go into all the sites with a high PR (article marketing of the actually lists the PR of the main URL of every site you try and sign up to) and try to see why my signup had failed. In most cases it was simply because the site in question was experiencing lag or a temporary period of downtime.

Running the submission process again 30 minutes later added a further hundred 50 sites to the successful signup list, and five minutes checking a couple of PR4 sites meant that I was now successfully signed up to every site of page rank three or higher. The whole process took perhaps 90 minutes.

Normally, I use best article Spinner to create multiple versions of my work. But for the sake of this review, I thought it was fairer to use the built in Spinner. What was surprising, was that it took an entirely different approach to solving the issue of getting genuine unique content. In fact I would go so far as to say only best article Spinner is better than the built-in tool with Article marketing robot.

So you could say I was pleasantly surprised to discover what a professional and easy-to-use tool the built-in spinner was. As I mentioned above, BAS is probably the only tool on the market to improve on this.

What I particularly liked is the innovation of contextual spinning. Those of you who have used spinners before we'll know that different words can have different meanings depending on their contexts, such as where they are in the noun verb order of a sentence. Carelessly spun articles can read like gibberish, and most of this is down to the synonyms not being used in their correct context.

To do this, you need to order your synonyms according to the context in which they are used. It's fair to say that there is nowhere near the built-in dictionary and thesaurus of Best article Spinner, but the programming and process behind this software is excellent, and with continued support it could one day be the premier spinner on the market.

It is testament to the quality of article marketing at, that I sometimes find myself doing paragraph spins in BAS, and then switching to AMR to do individual word and synonyms spins.

Of course, the meat and drink of an article submission tool is how it performs in actual submission, and acceptance of the articles by the sites that it submits to. I'll put you out of your misery by saying that article marketing robot excels in this department as well.

Highlighting your written work in the article's box, and then selecting which sites you wish to send it to is a simple process. However, if you want to get cute, you can decide first to submit to a selection of the available article sites. For instance, I send to only article sites of page rank three or higher to begin with, hoping for the articles to be indexed first on these sites, as I would prefer it to be found here rather than seem old hat all considered duplicate content after being found on many low page rank sites.

Whatever method you decide to send under it is of course up to you, but you can come up with some quite sophisticated submission criteria which would allow you to interlink your articles if he so wished.

Pressing the submit button, and off your article goes. Once again, several sites will check for spam by asking for a captcha form to be filled in. As with sign up, you have the ability to turn on the automatic solving option, so your articles are submitted on autopilot.

I decided to use the time while my first article was being submitted, to have a look around article marketing robot. Perhaps the most surprising thing was the very high page rank of many of the sites that are included in the software they are easily 100 or more sites with a page rank of three or higher, and after my two quick attempts at sign up, I had very close to 100% success rates with these sites. That is an exciting prospect for any Internet marketer.

The submission is multithreaded, and took no more than 15 minutes. I do not believe in trip leading articles, but if you do, you will be pleased to know that article marketing to has a very comprehensive calendar and feed timing option for your content. It is possible to send out your written work at any time of the day and in any batch size that you require. I know this is important to many.

I should just explained why I don't do it. Firstly, many article sites will take a couple of days perhaps even a couple of weeks to accept your written work. This adds a massive amount of time variation on its own without the need for you to schedule it is particularly. Furthermore, even once your article is published, it will take the search engines many days or weeks again to find it and index it, if they ever do find it!

With this amount of natural variation possible, I fail to see the need to drip feed your content. But for those of you who are reassured by sending your written work out a little at a time, it is probably good to note that they are has a very comprehensive set of tools to allow you to control this.

Okay, so you send your written work out, and then close article marketing robot. Then it's time to tap your fingers and wait for the results.

As I mentioned above, I would wait a couple of days for the first few articles to be accepted and indexed. But the entire process probably requires 2 to 3 weeks.

This is where article marketing to suddenly jumps ahead of its competition. You see with the other tools I have used, finding the URLs of my articles is a hit and miss affair. Typing in the article title will find some of them, but not all. Also I would like the URLs of the actual pages that my articles are printed on. I would like to paint these pages, possibly bookmark these pages, or maybe even use products such as battling Energizer to add juice to these back links.

You seek, once your article is published, article marketing robot will find it for you and scrape the actual URL of the page your article is on. More importantly, 99 times out of 100 it is an unique URL that contains your back links and little else. You simply select all your articles and then right click on one and select " live links". The programme will then whizz off and find all of your articles and make a list of every URL that your article has been submitted on. The exact URL that you can then use to juice up your back links.

You have the option to export these, and can simply stick them in a software tool to ping them, or use more sophisticated bookmarking or linked using techniques as I mentioned above. (Of course you could use all of these techniques).

I know many people religiously find all their URLs anyway, typing their article name into a search engine, opening every page, and copying and pasting every page URL they find into a file. In my case the thought of doing this 1000 times is not something I would ever wish to do. I can't believe it would take less than a day or 2 to complete.

Article marketing wizard does it on its own in five minutes while you are sitting coffee!

So that's the software, what about the numbers.

With features as good as this, I wanted to start processing the links that I had created straightaway. However, I'm comparing this software to others in the genre, so I wanted to be scientific and use exactly the same process with every piece of software I was testing.

Instead I noted that out of the 1300 submissions, after three weeks, 410 had been published. A very nice thing about this is that this is almost 5 times more than unique article Wizard. In addition, the average PR was significantly higher. Almost all of the hype PR sites (Page Rank 3 to 6) had successfully published my article. Most of the missing submissions were to article sites with relatively low or zero page rank.

Whereas Unique Article Wizard's average page rank was barely 1.2, article marketing is average page rank was 1.45. A full 20% improvement on average page rank.

But this is more significant than the small jump may seem. The exposure given by Page Rank five and six sites is far greater than any number of page rank zero or one sites. It isn't a simple mathematical equation. Having an article published on to page rank to sites is the equivalent of having it published on one page rank for site. The benefit is exponential. And in this case article marketing robot wins hands down. The top 20% page rank sites submitted to with article marketing is have an average page rank of almost 4. This is where the vast majority of your traffic and link juice will come from.

The top 20% page rank for unique article Wizard is under page rank 2. A hugely significant difference in the average page rank that will make a similarly large difference to both the traffic levels you can expect, and the link boost that your own URL will gain benefit from.

It's been a long time since I bought a tool that genuinely had the wow factor.

There are several " holy grails" in Internet marketing, especially as far as acquiring the correct tools for your style are concerned. For me, and effective article submission suite has been missing from my armoury for some time (I could do with a good web 2.0 profile creator as well).

I now have a tool that I can see myself using for years to come. For such a small fee, article marketing robot has already paid for itself as far as I am concerned several times over. If there was such a thing as " tools you'd walk into the desert with" then this piece of software would be one of only two or three that I simply must take with me.

You properly guessed by now that I heartily and wholly recommend Article Marketing Robot as by far the best solution to get your content published on syndicated across the web. It's a fraction of the cost of its nearest competitor, and performs in a way which puts every other product in this field to shame.
So I'm a big fan of Article Marketing Robot, but don't let that put you off. Check out the best article submission software on the market, Now no longer a subscription product and available for an one off fee!

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