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Friday, December 17, 2010

Is Affiliate Article Marketing For Real?

One of the easiest ways, I think, is through affiliate article marketing.

Writing articles and putting affiliate links in them is what affiliate aritcle marketing is all about.

Article directories are huge hotsopts for affiliate article marketers. The search engines love these, and there are articles on virtually every topic.

As an example, let us say that you want to be an affiliate for an informational product that tells you how to make money online. Let's just keeping going with the example and assume that it's a guide to making money online with clickbank.

Ok, so we'll just say that "making money with clickbank" is your keyphrase.

Obviously you want to highly rank in Google and the other search engines for your keyphrase, which is "making money with clickbank."

Now we work on the affiliate article marketing. Articles on how to make money with clickbank should now be written.

A good place to find inspiration is on the sales page of the creator's website. The sales page in affiliate marketing is also sometimes called a squeeze page. Are you still with me?

You are an affiliate of a product if you promote --but do not own-- it. You then get a commission every time you sell a product. So one of the ways to get your website ranking high in Google is to due the affiliate article marketing we are talking about in this article.

After each writing of yours is done, it can be submitted to one article directory.

Pay attention, a lot of SEO'ers forget this:

Article directories do not allow you to place links in the articles themselves. You can, however, put them in the signature box. Do not forget to do this!

So after you are finished writing your article, do not forget to put the two (or more sometimes!) backlinks to your site using anchor text.

Remember, each article can only be submitted once. The search engines easily pick up duplicate content. Duplicate content can certainly undermine any and all of your efforts. Write more articles, get more backlinks, get more traffic, make more change. Best of luck on your journey of affiliate article marketing!
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