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Get The Best Article Marketing Software
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Article Marketing What It Is And What It Can Do For You

If a company chooses to provide published article links rather than allowing reproduction of their article then they must host the article on their own website and servers. This leads to the need for confirmed article links and guaranteed article links. Confirmed article links are backlinks to your website which are static and permanent. It is a condition of reproduction that the backlink to the article owner's website will be attached to the article if it should bed reproduced either in part or whole. A guaranteed article link is one which is submitted to directories and websites for publishing or linking to the content article and links. Normally the article owner or distributor can buy a specific number of guaranteed article links to be submitted by the article marketing company over a period of time.

Article marketing can really help to brand and build your business, no matter what size business you have or what you are selling. Well written informational articles are a fantastic way of advertising because you don't appear to be advertising. People are bombarded with advertising media of all kinds all day. Normally this is not a bombardment of large blocks of information. People tire of the jingles, slogans, and shameless promotional come ons of the retail industry. Most people use the internet to seek information, not to look at advertisements. Article marketing allows you to offer something that the customer wants, information, without being pushy or trying to "make a sale". While this is a more passive way of attracting customers to your website it is a popular marketing tool on the internet because it is also quite effective.
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